4tech Solutions

Before collaborating with 4Tech Solution, review the terms and conditions for a healthy business relationship. The below-stated terms and conditions will be followed during our business interactions, and you need to agree with our terms and conditions for future interactions.    

Privacy of the Client

4Tech Solution is committed to protecting your company’s privacy. 4Tech Solution is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. The client’s information is confidential when shared with a third party. Take the appropriate safety and security measures. Only authorised employees have the power to utilise the customers’ private information for their business needs. We ensure data security from our end; any violation is considered a criminal offence, and civil proceedings will be conducted against the trespasser.

Payment Policy

You can use all major Debit and credit cards for payment options. We are expecting full payment at the time of ordering our services in advance. Sometimes, we can accept partial payment when ordering, and the rest will be paid before the services end.

Services Discontinuation    

You can discontinue our services anytime, but 48 hours prior intimation is required. Otherwise, we will add two more days to the billing of our services.  

Limitation of Liability

4Tech Solution is not responsible for the company’s literature or website contents, which may be misused or misguided by the public. 4Tech Solution has no relation with their client’s business ethics. We will work for their website and business, not shape their morality. Furthermore, we are not liable for our clients’s business profit, loss or damage.  

Termination and Refund Policy

Both parties can terminate the service agreement or end the continued services. In that scenario, no refund will be offered for underway services.