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Janardan Hospital Kasaragod

janardan hospitalDr. K.P. Janardan established Janardan Hospital in 1963. After 60 years of operation, Janardan Hospital has made significant contributions to Kasaragod’s medical history. The hospital is located right in the center of Kasargod. Janardan Hospital was the first private hospital in the Kasaragod area, with the goal of offering the best medical care with a human touch. The gift of Janardan Hospital to the Kasaragod locals was the provision of X-rays and ambulances.

The hospital is located in the center of Kasaragod town, one kilometer from the railway station and next to the KSRTC bus stop. Patients from Mangalore will find the hospital convenient as it is only 50km away from the city. The Janardan Hospital features resident physicians on duty around the clock, emergency, trauma, and accident care, the most up-to-date, technologically advanced operating rooms, medical, critical, and neonatal intensive care units, high-tech labs and radiology equipment, cozy and hygienic rooms, suites, and wards, a canteen, a juice shop, and more.

As a one-stop shop offering multiple specialties, Janardan Hospital has consistently upheld the highest standards for medical treatment and quality. Maintaining its goal of becoming the most dependable and accountable partner in helping people get healthier, Janardan Hospital integrates the most cutting-edge facilities to provide top-notch medical care.

Making history, Janardan Hospital was the first to bring neurosurgery to Kasaragod. An 84-year-old woman with acute and persistent subdural hemorrhage had successful burr hole evacuation neurosurgery to commemorate this accomplishment. Along with his committed team, renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Pavelman performed the procedure with skill.

Contact Details of Janardan Hospital

Janardan Hospital,
Bank Road,
Kasaragod 671121
Ph: +91 4994 230243
For appointment: +91 4994 226555