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Cracking the Code of Featured Snippets: A Practical SEO Approach

SEO experts describe featured snippets as short text paragraphs that appear on top section of the search result paSeoge. The goal is to answer the query quickly. The results pull this text from Google Index automatically. Some common format of featured snippets involves lists, steps, tables, and definitions as per asked questions. According to these experts, featured snippets are particularly designed to offer concise and quick answers to queries without clicking or visiting any relevant website or webpage. According to a report published by Search Engine Land through a featured snippet, an advertiser can get 8% of all website clicks. In short, they get access to 8% of online web traffic.

There are two ways through which a featured Snippet has considerable influence on the SEO. For example, they offer an opportunity to get organic clicks or online website traffic without Google website rankings. Experts also describe the featured snippet as “Position #0”, as it rests above the number 1 website ranking. The second way is to increase the use of featured snippets. It also increases the instances of “no-click searches.” As a Google user gets answers to his query from featured snippets, he does not click on any other search result.

You can use various methods to get featured on top of the page or feature snippets. They are as follows.


The featured snippets are available in various formats. For example, it involves lists, bullet points, steps, and tables among others. The first way is to think like a user. For example, you can check the most frequent questions asked by users in your field. You can customize your answers according to common queries asked by users. In this way, your answer may get placed in featured snippets.

When you create content, try to answer queries, in response to who, when, why, where, how, and what. For this purpose, you can browse various sites and forums, such as Quora and others.

Keyword Research remains an important component of the SEO process. It is more so when you aim to land your website on featured snippets. You can also use tools such as Serpstat to study whether a particular keyword can land your website on Featured Snippets.

According to SEO experts, landing on featured snippets is important for a website. It is because once a webpage gains even one featured snippet, the algorithm gives it a high ranking when any user asks a similar or related query on the platform. As a result, online traffic on your website increases exponentially.

If you want to land on featured snippets, try to answer multiple questions on the top in an in-depth manner. For example, you can write an article with multiple points. You can start with the definition, steps required to implement or apply a particular concept, its strengths and weaknesses, and so on.

The goal of a featured snippet is to answer queries directly, quickly, and briefly. When you aim to land a featured snippet for your products and services, you should use optimal word
count in your article. According to experts, the current optimal word count is 52 for an average featured snippet.

These are only some tips on how to crack the code of featured snippets and increase online website traffic on your website. All you need to do is to understand Google algorithm at that particular time and apply it to your website.